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When it comes to romantic canals, Venice and Amsterdam naturally come to mind first. After all, with curving watercourses, historic buildings and bridges, and charmingly dressed gondoliers, you can’t help but fall in love. But there are plenty of other magical waterways that can steal your heart away, too. From canals surrounding an ancient sunken city in Micronesia to thousand-year-old channels in China, we’ve rounded up nine of the world’s most romantic waterways. So whether you want to propose or rekindle an old fame, get ready to cozy up with your lover on a canoe, gondola, or thatched houseboat.


While the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy is often teeming with tourists, you’ll be smitten while cuddling close to your sweetheart as you float past the 15th-century Ca’ d’Oro palace and under the Rialto Bridge on a gondola. Shaped like a…

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