The Sights of Stockholm

The Sights of Stockholm

The Sights of Stockholm – Beautiful Place You Should Visit

Sweden offers world class beauty in the arctic wilderness, vast lakes and enchanting islands make for an intriguing destination. But who would’ve guessed, its family friendly, too! Journey into the urban winter wonderland of Stockholm, Sweden! 

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One of the most beautiful cities in the world is none other than Stockholm, Sweden. This capital city built around an archipelago of 14 islands, provides a relaxing escape into a captivating landscape of scenic coastlines and beautiful forests. Stockholm makes for a delightful holiday for the whole family to enjoy, due to its variety of options for family friendly fun and interactive attractions. The Stockholm Card is the perfect city pass and an affordable option for families.

Stockholm Card

With the Stockholm Card, you can enjoy free admission to 80 museums and attraction, free public transportation and free bicycle and boat excursions. What better way to spend the holiday, than by utilizing this amazing opportunity for entertainment at such a reasonable price! You won’t want to miss out on the chance to bike the paths of the Royal Palace or explore the beautiful wooden houses off the beaten track.

The Stockholm canals make for a memorable adventure into the city. With a boat ride through Djurgarden canal, you and the family are sure to learn an interactive history of the city. Be sure to bring the kids to Skansen Open-Air Museum, a scenic collection of Scandinavian history complete with children’s zoo!

The fashionable district of Södermalm is a great densely populated area of the city with attractive architecture to let the eyes wander. This window into daily life is the perfect place to dine at a restaurant or enjoy the comforts of a cozy hotel. There are many wooden buildings that make for lovely atmosphere that shifts with the vibrancy of everyday urban life.

Head to Djurgarden, a nice island that houses many great attractions of the city such as the Vasa Museum, the Nordiska Museum, the zoo and the awesome amusement park Tivoli Gröna Lund or just Grönan. Take a stroll through this park and be sure to bring a camera to capture the sight of beautiful vistas. The Vasa Museum is just one stop you won’t want to miss! I recommend spending a few hours here in order to view the spectacular sight of one of the most well-preserved shipwrecks in the world. The kids will find the whole thing quite entertaining, and you are sure to appreciate such an awesome sight. With 95 percent of the vessel on recovered, this display is quite unique and an absolute must!


Millesgarden is another popular attraction of Stockholm that displays the sculptures of Carl Milles. Housed within his former home, Millesgarden is a great setting for vistas over the water and city. It offers interesting temporary exhibitions, and makes for a lovely afternoon excursion complete with lunch at the small restaurant on-site. Millesgarden can be reached by tram, so hop onboard the red metro line in Ropslen!

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Within the Old Town or Galma Stan district, you will find wonders in the form of architectural delights and beautiful buildings that make up the oldest part of Stockholm. It makes for charming long walk down narrow streets scattered with art galleries, souvenir boutiques and ice cream parlors. Enjoy the quite calm early on a Sunday and be sure to explore the shops along the way! I recommend a trip to City Hall or Stadshuset to complete the trip.

This is the location of the Nobel Prize banquet and remains an iconic structure built with architectural elegance on the water. This building made of red brick and decorated in lovely detail hosts many exquisite halls and impressive tower views. Inside, the Blue Hall the grand organ is made up of an amazing 10,270 pipes, the largest in Scandinavia! In the square there is much to do, so sit down have a bite to eat or entertain your mind at one of the nearby museums. Be sure to rest on that last day and enjoy easy ride home with your car waiting airport parking.

Let the charming city of Stockholm paint the perfect family holiday!

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