Alicante: The Vacation Paradise Of The Mediterranean



The province of Alicante is located in Eastern Spain, and is regarded by many travel authorities to be the jewel-in-the-crown of the beautiful Mediterranean tourist region.

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The city and port of Alicante are easily accessible by land and sea. In addition to the busy airport, there are road, rail and sea links that bring visitors to this popular destination all through the year.

In the city of Alicante, there is an efficient and low-cost tram service that provides a great opportunity to take in the pretty city streets and promenades. Outside the city, public transport options are limited, but by booking the services of a car hire company, you can travel around without any hassle.

Things to Do

The beaches are a major draw-card for the Alicante area. The capital city of Alicante is home to many fine museums,including the excellent Alicante Provincial Archaeological Museum. After dark, the city’s promenades become busy as the residents enjoy a leisurely stroll after the evening meal.

The Alicante region is also home to a number of beautiful historic castles, and the Castle of Santa Barbara should definitely be on your list of sites to see. For families there are many activities to enjoy, such as horse riding, vineyard tours, kayaking, mountain biking and even adventure climbing tours.

Alicante Food


The Spanish love for tapas is alive and well in the Alicante region. No trip to this area would be complete without sampling the local tapas, featuring mouth-watering local fruit, olives, vegetable and seafood from the nearby ocean. The perfect accompaniment is a glass of local wine from the nearby vineyards.

The locals love rice, thanks to the historical Muslim influences, and there are restaurants in this region that specialise in rice-based dishes, with hundreds of different choices on offer.

Alicante Shopping


This part of Spain is famous for its leather, with the best bargains to be found at the local art and craft markets dotted throughout the region. Most Spanish gold jewelry is 14 ct, and many jewelry lovers can’t resist the great prices and beautiful local workmanship.

Note: If you plan for cheap holiday tours to Spain, then Alicante is one of the must visit destination.

Image Credit: Alicante, Spain via ShutterStock

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